Sing to the Stingers

Google Fonts & The Typographic Circle

Design, Innovation

Nearly 1000 new species were discovered in 2023. And 574 of those species are Costa Rican wasps. These wasps play important roles in their ecosystem, and their discovery is a huge deal. Now that these species are named and classified, we understand how to conserve them.

But the real challenge is getting people excited about protecting wasps. So we developed an awareness campaign using the one poem all Costa Ricans know by heart: the national anthem. We developed a new display font in the Rubik family that looks like swarms of wasps. In our billboards, Costa Rican landscapes can be seen through the swarm-like typography, visualizing a surprising fact: without wasps, rain forests and farmlands wouldn’t exist.

Copywriting - Brooke Cheney
Art Direction - Madalena Marques
Mentoring - Kam Phullar, Stefan Wittemann, Michael Messer

All assets were created by the team.

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