Amnesty International


Refugee crises have gotten worse and more frequent within the past decade. But when you only see it in the news, it's easy to detach and hard to comprehend what refugees go through. But what if we use Ironman, the biggest endurance sport competition, to show the world the physical struggle that refugees experience just for safety and survival?

2024 Young Ones ADC
— Merit, Experiential Design: Live Experiences

2023 Clio Sports Awards
— Bronze Winner, Student Experiential

Concepting - Aurélie Anne, Madalena Marques, Rafter Manguiat
Copywriting - Rafter Manguiat
Art Direction - Madalena Marques
Mentoring - Yigit Unan (Senior Art Director / GUD Berlin)

All assets were created by the team.
Student Work, Miami Ad School Europe, 2021-2023.

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