Stress Crusher


Digital, Direct

Past generations have glorified being busy and overworked, and this stressful work culture persists today. But Gen Zs know how wrong it is, and they're finding ways to address the issue. Candy Crush offers a quick and easy way to escape from it all. You just need to make time for it.

And Stress Crusher does the job. It creates fake yet realistic 'meetings' in your work calendar, so you can sneak Candy Crush into your schedule and unwind at the office.

D&AD New Blood Awards 2023 Pencil Winner.

Copywriting - Rafter Manguiat
Art Direction - Madalena Marques
Mentoring - Simão Barreto (Mid-weight CW / JvM Havel Berlin) Yani Gabriel (Mid-weight AD / JvM Havel Berlin)

All assets were created by the team.

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