The Superficial

Photography, Graphic Design

A photograph, at its core, encapsulates a fleeting memory — a moment frozen in its most superficial state. Delving into my personal archive, I've chosen snapshots that might otherwise have been dismissed as trivialities.

They converge within a card deck, where the raw essence of each image harmonises with the imposition of rules and expectations.

The four-suit setup is based in a crafted color and subject scheme. Each card adheres to a precise grid layout and is sequenced by scale — larger images naturally hold higher value, in accordance with traditional rules of play.

This creative exercise draws inspiration from the work of Wolfgang Tillmans, embracing the notion of the superficial and the unfiltered rawness present in his imagery. As he puts it, 'You can't deny the superficial because the superficial is what meets the eye.'

All the images are original analog photographs.

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