App Design, UX/UI

Look better, feel brighter.

We all care about our appearance and well-being. But in stressful periods, we can easily overlook essential needs. What if there was an app that looks out for us in the morning, evaluating and showing us what could be improved health and self-care wise?

How does it work? In the morning, take a selfie (for your eyes to see only) and let Selfie tell you what you need. While being connected to your Health App, the results are AI based and mark which areas of your organism are in need of further attention. You also get a daily mood quizz, that'll help you be more conscious about your mental health. To top it off, you can also find a weekly/monthly/yearly health overview on your app profile, so you keep track of how you're doing.

Creative Direction - Madalena Marques, Vérane Di Méglio
Mentoring - Richard Pietsch (CXO / Managing DirectorArgonauten Hamburg)

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