At times you pour your creative heart into a project, but it doesn’t fit a certain category, or specific criteria to be displayed amongst the rest. This is space is for those creative outlets.
Album cover designs, for Winterreise by Franz Schubert (1827), Classic, and Overgrown by James Blake (2013), R&B/Electronic/Soul. Original photographs and drawings.
Visuals and poster designed for the launch of the short film, From Permanent to Eternal, a collaboration between Media Monks x Mocco Museum Amsterdam.
These are some of my favorite drawings from different sketchbooks I've kept over the years (2016-2023).
Stills from so/me media assets for the launch of the My BMW app, on BMW's offical socials, in March 2023. These mind the tone and style of the My BMW App launch campaign, The Car Door Waltz. Developed at Media.Monks Amsterdam with Léa Soulard and Selina Coorens, under the creative direction of Marielle Tollen.
On average, a person owns 40 makeup products but only uses 5 regularly. The rest ends up in trash. What if it went on your face instead?
3D models made on Blender.
3RGB — From my passion and almost decade long experience in photography, aligned with my curiosity for anything experimental, this project was collaboration with a friend, Fernando Tavares. We shot the same 35mm film roll three times, (~39 photographs), each time using a different color filter. These are our results.
Video art for the song The Act of Being Polite, by The Residents.