In the world of creativity, not everything fits into neat little boxes. Here, I'm all about showing off quirky projects that refuse to play by the rules. Think of it as a potluck, but for ideas and visuals. And I've tucked in some real-life projects for brands like absatzwirtschaft and Mocco Museum. Dive in and see what happens when creativity goes all the way.
Cover design for absatzwirtschaft, April 2023 issue. Developed with the Innovation Team at Serviceplan Munich, 2023.
The Catamaran100 is a one-of-its-kind luxurious yacht, envisioned by Henri Kramer, and currently on the process of being built. This website was designed and launched for its promotion, aiming to appeal to sponsors that want to partake in the buildup (February 2023).
Album cover designs, for Winterreise by Franz Schubert (1827), Classic, and Overgrown by James Blake (2013), R&B/Electronic/Soul. Original photographs and drawings.
Visuals and poster designed for From Permanent to Eternal. A short film by Media Monks Amsterdam, and in further collaboration with the Mocco Museum Amsterdam.
On average, a person owns 40 makeup products but only uses 5 regularly. The rest ends up in trash. What if it went on your face instead?
3D models made on Blender.
Some of my favorite drawings from different sketchbooks I've kept over the years (2016-2023).
3RGB — From my passion and almost decade long experience in photography, aligned with my curiosity for anything experimental, this project was collaboration with a friend, Fernando Tavares. We shot the same 35mm film roll three times, (~39 photographs), each time using a different color filter. These are our results.
Video art project for the song The Act of Being Polite, by The Residents.